Debut novel by Eleanor Chance

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Nurse Grace Ward names the unconscious baby boy “Johnny.” No one at the hospital knows where he came from, just that a couple abandoned him and disappeared. Even with a trained staff treating him, Johnny’s life hangs in the balance.

His identity is shrouded in secrecy, but Grace doesn’t care. When she sees the defenseless baby, it’s love at first sight. Her promise to save Johnny is the beginning of a long journey to heal from the scars of her past and create a brighter future for both of them.

As Grace grows more devoted to Johnny, major events threaten their bond and his life. A deadly infection spreads rapidly through the hospital, Johnny’s mysterious origins affect his future, and Grace’s personal life grows more complex. When Johnny’s prognosis creates an ideological chasm that leaves the hospital staff on opposing sides, Grace refuses to bow to the mounting pressure that could destroy her career and even her life. Does she have the courage to risk everything to save Johnny?

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